Gaining access to correct Booking.com account for my property.

Hi. Up until recently, we were a corporate owned Motel 6 and the sale of the property was started and completed within 2 weeks time (from what I understand if was a very low price and was sold as is); because of this, as well as the fact that our new owner was unfamiliar with the brand, it's been a nightmare. As a Corporate owned property, all OTA business was handled by the Corporate team rather than at the property level, so when we switched from being Corporate owned to a franchise property, obviously OTA business became our responsibility. Unfortunately for me, that didn't come with any training in regards to reconciling invoices, updating property info... we weren't even given the details of our account login. I found out how to claim a hotel as my business or register my hotel, so I went about doing that and was successful. When I view my property on my account, it's the correct property; however, when I try and access reviews, reservations, commissions, etc, I get a message stating that we've never had any reviews or commissions or anything. Even when I try to bring up history, there's nothing; yet, when I go to view the property that's linked to my account, it shows that we have over 100 reviews. I know we've had reservations because we get the franchise invoice from Corporate Motel 6 showing what we owe in commissions. I think what happened is my property now has 2 profiles, the original profile from when we were corporate and then the profile that was created when I claimed the property, and unfortunately I need access to the original profile because that's obviously where all of the financial data is collecting that I need to look at to reconcile reservations against commissions. I need help asap. Thank you for all of your help in the matter, I'm extremely grateful!





For this mess you should speak to support team direct by phone.