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General Manager


I just got reservation by rate code SBK2 for room type NQQ1 and rate is $64.80 but suppose to rate be $67.50 for NQQ1

So please make the correction for this error.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Peter and welcome to the Partner Community.

Since this is only a Community of Partners like you, please resend your message directly to, through your Extranet inbox tab.

Wish you well.



Hi welcome.


Please dont thumbs up your own topic as it does not count.


This is not direct support team only partners.


You cannot alter a booking rate for an active booking.


To increase the rate I suggest you open calendar, then select list view.


Now look at rooms and expand the rate plan rows to see cost per night.


Here you can edit directly. 


You could also go to rates and availability menu, rate plans and increase the base rate their.



Also check if you have any Genius member rate discounts enabled.



Lastly please link property url into your partner profile as it helps us preview and understand better, in order to help.


Kind regards