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Could any user share their experience with Genius. Thanks in advance.

Kamlesh Barot

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Sharonpowney 1 year ago

I stopped using it due the 'stacking' effect with other promotions.  I use a multi night discount promotion but if it was a Genius guest then they got the genius discount PLUS the multi night promotion.  Rate was then way too low and you have no control over it.

Search help for 'stacking' so you understand how they all work together.

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BrookAve 1 year ago




1. When you join GENIUS, make sure to only allow it for one room type when you have two or more. That way you can limit the use of it. Its always the cheapest room too it will tell you.

2. Genius Dynamic pricing. When on this can decide on the rate.

Secure maximum occupancy and increase revenue with Dynamic Pricing. Just tell us your discount range and we’ll do the rest! We’ll detect what price to offer in order to fill your property, and may even remove discounts altogether on days that you're expected to meet your occupancy targets.

  • Fill your property all year round

  • Exclusively for Genius partners

  • Discounts optimized by

  • Opt out at any time

3. Room Potential Score . Reduces on right right of the page when you deselect the additional room types, dont worry about that, ignore.


4. stacking . genius + mobile discounts + promotions, becareful of stacking rates. Set  Rate higher to accomodate or turn off mobile discounts.


5.optional : extra5% . Attract guests who spend more and book earlier with an extra 5% discount. Only guests who've booked and stayed 5 or more times will see this discount.