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Genius - a difficult and unfair development for hardworking hospitality providers

Are other partners troubled by the Genius offer from  Effectively, they reduce our income - which this year has been hard pressed to say the least - by 10%, and promise to boost our listing. What about businesses and individuals who work hard to create a first rate place to stay, achieve excellent feedback, but now are bumped back down the rankings because wants to reduce their income by 10% with Genius?  The fees charged by booking platforms like are already very high as a proportion of our business.  

Isle of Wight … is based on the principle of discounting. Discount this, discount that, earn less. We have used Genius and other discounting options on some of the properties we manage and these discounts are really not worth using. We list on TripAdvisor, AirBnB, VRBO and - we can get fully booked quite easily without having to discount everything, so we don't use Genius any more.




That maybe but a wise one would realise you can limit which room type it is applied to,


Along with disabling dynamic pricing.

Then limit it to the 10% level.

Don't enable the extra 5%

Enable Genius for Business.


Thats how I control it, and only map it to the mose expensive room type and rate



Kind regards


Isle of Wight …

Yet you're still discounting .....

Whichever way you look at it, discount = less money

If you raise prices to earn what you would normally earn without the discount, you are also deterring those who are not entitled to the Genius discount ..... and then you get booked more by those who get the discount, which makes it look like all your extra work to implement the discounts has paid off .... but you could just save yourself all the time and effort and charge the right rate in the first place and earn the same without the discounting .....