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As the Corona virus pandemic started slowing down in the other parts of the world, a new ray of hope surged in africa especially in the tourism industry. We were looking foward to guests resuming their trips but now with winter being the trend on this side of the globe, the pandemic is rising at alamarning rates, so now that hope is going. How are we going to survive another 4 months of exremely slow business. What's the best coarse of action now?


Times are extremely tough for the holiday industry.  There are several discussions under Featured that you may want to contribute to or read others suggestions.



Hello Eden Estates and Lodge! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thank you for your post. I'm going to feature your post to let other fellow partners see it and share their opinion. 

Aaron Account …

Hi Eden Estates and Lodge,


Thank you for the question. In the current pandemic, uncertainty around travel is definitely making it difficult to predict when travellers will return.


Your booker insights report on the Extranet is a good tool to assess what demand trends your region is currently experiencing.


When planning for the next 4 months, start with this landing page. It has some great resources to prepare your property during and post pandemic. 


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Aaron B.