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Getting paid for a no show.

A guest made a last minute reservation and was a no show. When I marked it as a no show, and did not waive the penalty, it said, "The guest will be charged", but I do not have access to the guest's credit card. How do I get paid for the no show?




The simple answer is if you do not have prepay enabled , you wont get paid for a no show.


And if you do not have BdC taking the payment at checkout by Guest, and then you do not have a payment service provider  through which you can send payment links for remote collection, you will not get paid.


Even if you do have a way to charge a CC remotely, which is alot more restricted in 2020 wit h the new regulations, and the new PIN method, without valid VCC/CC info, there is not alot you can do about it.


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It said the guest will be charged for a no show, does get to keep all the money?


this is contradicting what you said earlier.


Initial post implied BdC is not taking payment on your behalf, which is the default for a new partner, unless you apply for:  

  • Online Payments - VCC
  • Payments By Booking - Paid out to your bank account

So please elaborate?

did you turn on prepay in policies?

Did you apply for one of the BdC payment options?



Also rename your profile name to something appropriate please, like your first name, or a short name for your listing.


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