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Getting a response from

Why is it that are so completely hopeless and NEVER respond to messages?

I submitted an invoice query on 7th April and chased it on 20th April - now 26th April and absolutely nothing at all in response to either query!!!!

This is NO WAY to treat your customers!

I suppose they will blame Covid-19, so I also wonder when companies will stop using that as an excuse for terrible customer service?

Really, really just not good enough!

Graham Henry Forbes

I have had a completely different response I have to say, but I am also a new user of I find them responsive (on the telephone) and extremely helpful, plus most operatives are very congenial. I would suggest you call your local hotline, you may get an operative from almost anywhere in the world, but that is also fun.

You can get your local number by following this path:

Hope this helps.


Graeme Aiken

I'm well aware of how to get in touch with the rude, unhelpful customer "Service" *** thanks.

It's why I use e-mail.   Both are useless, but at least I don't have to talk to an ***.

Glad its been good for you so far.  It won't last.