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up grading a reservation to a better room and releasing the other room to sell ?


We have 2 rooms in south Spain one has a sea view and is slightly better than the other ! I have a reservation for 3 nights coming tomorrow and I would like to give them the better room but, still be able to sell the other room if possible . How do I do this online without messing everything up ?





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Sonstbbs 3 years ago

Hi Paul,

I upgrade all the time and it's really easy :

Go into the rates and availability tab at the top

Click on adjust rooms to sell

Set the dates so you can see the ones you need

You will then see the 'Rooms to Sell Grid' with the room descriptions down the left column and the dates across the top and then number 1 (or 2 or 3 depending on how many of each room you have)

All you need to do is zero out the booking from the room you want to move them to and then add a number 1 back in the room you then have available.

Zero being no availability in the room, 1 meaning the room is available.

Once you've changed it click on the update tab...all done!

Hope this makes sense! Any problem message back

Where abouts in Spain? Lived there myself for ten years!