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Great for 2 travelers-

My booking add shows the following "Great for 2 travelers"

I have a 2 bedroom apt, and its great for 4-5 travelers.

How do I change this suggestion.




I imagine it is related to a AI algorithm which looks at your guest booking patterns and it seems to me that you are attracting more bookings from 2 person travellers - my guess is that you cannot control that but it will be interesting to see what the others think!

Community Admin

Hello, Moti Weinberg & jaybeegee! Thank you for posting in the community! All the information that we provide (tag) in the site comes from the information that we take from your property. In this case, most like the higher percentage of your bookings are for 2 people and that is the reason that this information is displaying on the site. Also, we have seen that the people that searcing for accommodation, most of the time are 2 travelers so we are trying to make the properties more appealing to them. Best of luck!