Guest are not getting up and we need to clean the room

We have guests in our roo mand they are not getting up and we need to clean.  I think they did drugs.  What can we do?




First don't speculate.


Just ring the room and say what the cleaning policy is.


However, in general, they don't have to let you in until they check out, thats their perogative.

Leave clean towels at door with a notefor them to leave out others, and bagged rubbish.


You could write a policy of cleaning if skipped has max of 2 days, then on third during hours x-y, cleaners will manadorilly enter and clean, and they should vacate for an hour when they knock.


Then there's the covid19 policy and procedures to also factor in.


Some good for thought


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Biddingtons Hi…


Thanks for your response.  They are now gone.  The police had to come.  They were knocked out on drugs.  We are going to leave Booking.com I think and only use Airbnb.





Its not an ota issue its a people issue.


The roll of the dice as to who you get.