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guest cannot cancel

hi there


hope somebody can help. A guest requested a cancellation 4 weeks ago. I requested the cancellation on behalf of the guest. The guest has been contacting me as apparently he put the wrong email address when he registered and he is saying he has not received the cancellation. He has tried to contact direct but he says nobody is responding to him. He is now threatening me with the police, and legal action if i dont cancel the booking. There is nothing more i can do but he keeps sending me abusive messages. The booking is still live on my system

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BrookAve 2 years ago




First ignore the threats and tell them to behave and remind them they would not talk to their parents that way and its not ok to talk to you that way either.


Now remind them until process the refund they have no choice but to wait.

And that you have already submitted a request for the reservation to be cancelled.


Now open the message or phone Extranet method to BdC support team,

and state the reservation number and request the cancel and refund ,

and mention the email on the guest account is incorrect so they cannot approve it .

BdC will then use the phone number registered to call the guest to confirm and then proceed.



Kind Regards


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Ilkay Akgun 2 years ago

hi many thanks, but I cannot see an option to send a message to the support team via the extranet am i missing something?