The Guest did not check in, how can I report to the booking.com?

Dear partners!

please show me how can I report to the Booking.com about there is a guest booked a room at my Homestay from 20th -26th Jan but he/she did not arrive. How can I make a report or send a message to the booking.com to help or at least they stop charging commissions for this guest on these days.

furthermore, what should I do to avoid the guests like this, booking so early but not come? i don’t require to book based on credit cards, should I do it?   

many thanks



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If you go into the details for the reservation, you then need to click the 'No show' button.  This tells booking.com not to charge commission.  I am assuming you are currently collecting payments by cash, so to try and stop this you should consider changing to booking.com collecting your payments for you.  You will need to check if they do this in your area.  They do charge a small amount for this but overall worth the money to stop losing out when people don't show or cancel late and you can't collect a cancellation fee.

28 days ago