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guest insurance

Hello.  I am unable to get a quote from insurance brokers in Israel to cover damage caused to guests while they are hosted by me, as well as to damage caused to my property by the guests during their stay.  Any advise?  TIA

Otto Friedmann

Thank you.  I had seen this article, but it does not answer my question.  I need an insurance policy, and all insurance brokers I have turned to say they cannot do it.


I believe Otto  is actually referring to Home Insurance versus GuestHouse insurance. It will differ by country but in West Europa typically you do need to ring your insurance company and tell them of the change to the property.


Here if you live in the property its home insurance, then if you move out and rent to guests it becomes GuestHouse insurance. Typically does not cost more as it generally only covers minor things.


As to how insurance it done in Israel I cant say. I think you just need to clarify  if this topic is more about damage cover done by guests versus insurance cover against Guest claims on you.


Kind Regards



Otto Friedmann

In my case, it's a part of the house to which I close a door and rent out  when my family isn't using it.  

Anyway, I haved turned to numerous insurance brokers, and they all are unable to come up with the insurance policy that I need. 

I think this is a specific issue in Israel.  Is there a forum of Israeli host partners?