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guest misconduct


Please note *** ***, ***,  booked last minute for one guest, but came in with more than 4 people on the property.  They were coming and going out through all night,  at the end, I can see on my back yard cameras that around 5 am 3 of them actually is staying at the property.  At 5am she is also texting me when is her check out time and that when i text her she will be asleep ???  I need booking to contact me ASAP, as I need to inspect the property before they are leaving.

Thank you,


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Jolene


The correct way was to open the reservation details page, and click on Report Guest misconduct.

Fill out the report etc, choose to have BdC follow up and choose to blacklist them.


Then I would straight after phone BdC support team t ofollow up on the report.


As the owner you can turn up and inspect any time you do not need BdC for that.

Do you live on site in another dwelling? or just in the nearby area?


You can also message the guest you need to come in to check something if need be.


As for the coming and going, unless they are doing harm and or damage, you shouldnt  do anything.


Are you saying you rent a whole unit but based on how many people are using it ?


If not then leave them be, not worth the stress and unnecessary worry.



Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well