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Guest Review that is unfair

Had a genius member book in for 3 nights , on arrival they said they had a problem for payment as they were waiting on a cheque to clear, said that's not really how this works, ended up taking part payment (as nothing was better than nothing ) & being told cheque would clear next day , which is wasn't , told cheque would clear Monday , on good faith we let them keep staying & they gave us their drivers licence until payment was made. I rang booking to tell them of problem & balance had not been paid, they said they would phone guest & get back to me , after two more days I rang guest & they came & paid balance & collected licence. Also this guest did not follow rule of NO Smoking.

No guest has given us a scathing re-view saying we were rude & they felt watched all the time, no mention of money problem & smoking , can we get this re view removed?


Thanks for help 





Use the response option. Be extremely polite.

A bad review give credibility to the whole system

Joanne Walsh

Thanks Miguel

we have replied being polite just waiting for it to be published 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Joanne,

Sorry to hear about your unfair review...

I think you did the best thing responding with a polite message.

Wish you only fair and nice reviews...

Sharon Powney tend to have the bad reviews right down the bottom of the list and the best ones at the top.  So unless someone really looks for them they get hidden.  I think a polite response is best.  If you get 1 bad review out of 30 good then new guests can see that it was out of normal and disregard it.

Joanne Walsh

Thank you Sharon for your support , it’s just unfair when they know how much apartment will cost before they book 

Joanne Walsh

Thank you Sharon for your support , it’s just unfair when they know how much apartment will cost before they book 

M Adamopoulou

Well...a bad review is a bad review and everybody deserves the best...but at least we can respond to a bad review...

Following  BDC suggestions we have the chance to turn a negative review to a positive one...

Positive attitude helps!!!

Joanne Walsh

Quite agree but how/why should it be allowed to be negative when they new price before booking 

M Adamopoulou

Sometimes, guests are very difficult to please...

Keep on smiling  and better guests will come...




Hi Joanne,


The trick here is to reply to the feedback in such as way as to remind of all the  infractions in a manner that is polite and makes it clear that they are misinformed about their opinion; and call them out on the rules broken; procedures not followed also.

i.e. putting them in their place.

option 1

"Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. However it seems you have misconceptions and are misinformed as to what is acceptable and what the rules are.

Such as smoking when it  says No Smoking; Not paying as per the terms of the booking.

If you felt paranoid , watched could that be due to the story you gave us on arrival about booking cheque not clearing until after your stay?

It does seem quite a bizarre story I might say. You seem to have left that part out of your review.

Your perception of someone being rude is quite bizarre as we greeted you at all times with kindness and respect.

You are doing us a disrespect with this misinformed and misleading review.

So as a point of information for all reading this in the future its important all sides , including what you selectively left out, gets mentioned, for them to make an informed decision.



Thank you kindly ."




"Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

Sorry to hear you felt that way. I can assure you it was not like that at all.

Surprised due to the lee-way we offered when your booking cheque had not cleared.

Feedback is iimportant, and we will strive to do better.


Thanks, and safe journey onward."



On one hand you might want to offer benefit of doubt, but clearly there was an agenda in their review. No one goes out of their way to give a response like that just because they are butt hurt at being caught red handed, with a cheque that bounces.


I thought it was 2020, and no one uses cheques any more. Prepaid rates and or deposits, is a safer bet. Even partial rate prepaid etc.

Services like (Partner Offer), have services for taking these  deposits, partial or full rate.

Ask them about virtual terminal option, you'll thank me later, as it means you can take any kind of payments by emaIL, Web, phone; one time payment links etc.



Kind Regards

Joanne Walsh

Thank you for your great advice, definitely will use it if I get a 2 again , it’s our first low score , we usually get 10 ‘s some 9’s .   

Have a good day 😁👍

Isle of Wight …

You are looking at the end result without looking at the cause.

If the guest had paid in full before arrival, you wouldn't have had these problems.

Always use Payments by - take payment in advance, save yourself a lot of problems. Always always always.

Joanne Walsh

I have now upgraded machine & charge guests before arrival , shame they spoilt payment option for other guests that have been fantastic 

Joanne Walsh

Thank you have now upgraded machine & charge guests 7 days before arrival 

Charlota Kerestely

Fully agree! Always use Payments by - take payment in advance, save yourself a lot of problems.

M Adamopoulou

This tourism industry has so many secrets we must discover!!!


Liberty Motel

All booking agencies like and Expedia are the partner of hotels and motels . They provide the hotel policy with reservation confirmation to the guest before guest  arrival at hotel. It is best option to adopt strictly policy of payment and cancellation by management.

Jenny and Doug…

Hi we had a guest in on Saturday night and they gave us a review of 8 with 7.5 for cleanliness and facilities.  We were very surprised about this so messaged her to see how we could improve.  She said she gave us 5 smiley faces on both which should have been a 10    Has anyone else experienced this 

Gondeville Gîtes

We’ve also had an untrue review.

You bend over backwards for guests & then have a review that does not reflect their stay.

Unfortunately, cannot delete the review unless it contains rude, disrespectful, & racist remarks etc.

You can only reply to their review which can be seen by other guests .

Sadly, it’s a lesson learnt, like many others we learn from along the way.

Regards jan


You cannot win them all no matter how hard you try, some think they should be staying in a palace and your their servant. You can sometime get a vibe that the review is not going to be good even though you know that you have done your best that is just the human race, and you cannot please everyone. If I get a feeling that I may have a not so good review, I hold off looking into the review until I get a few more reviews that I know will counteract that review. As I am not sure if the review can be seen until you see it, does anyone know?

Liz and Phil