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Guest reviews

Surely where you the guest House provides facilities as described on the guest has booked based on those descriptions...... 


The review should reflect a 10 out of 10?


I understand if you said there were 10 facilities and you provided 5 should have a lower score?


Your thoughts


Abajaz Motor Inn

I totally agree - this one makes me shake my head!!

When they book they can have a look at all the facilities the property has so if upon arrival the property has all facilities as stated on the booking page how can the guest, in good conscience, give a low score? 

If they wanted other facilities then why didn't they book somewhere that has all the facilities they need! We're a small Outback Motel, we don't claim to be a 5 star resort with all the facilities that come with a 5 star place so don't compare us and our facilities - review and score us based on what we are and be realistic in expectations.