Please a question for asking to a secretary is very difficult here....everything is supposed to be solved by faq or informatic topics

The question:

My holiday house is 9.3 reviews score.

After two guests submitting 10.0 that means two different bookings the average is always 9.3.

how is that possible...how long is the period of the calculating score??

anyone able to help here?

thanks a lot

Marco Lombardo



Hi Marco,


It depends on how many reviews you have in total on your account (2 years worth). If there are many reviews already it will take more reviews to adjust your score, especially when the difference between 9.3 and 10 is so small.

If your score had been 7.0, the 2 x 10s might have been enough to increase your score because of the bigger difference effecting your average.

If you prefer we have Ilaria - Community Manager  present who can speak Italian with you.