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Guest reviews are automatically removed by the system after 2 years. which should be changed or put on hold or freeze as the current market conditions are not favorable to property owners as guests are hard to come nowadays and this auto removal of reviews is hurting all our hard work big time and reviews are hard to come as the guests who check out doesn't find it mandatory to write a review as he is too busy or doesn't find the time to write a review. I would request to review this "Automatic removal system of reviews after 2 years" to be changed or put on hold until the market conditions are back to normal. We are living in a once in a lifetime "bad phase" of our lives. we should change our systems to suit current market conditions. I am sad to see this removal of my guest reviews and the number of total reviews going down due to this AUTO REMOVAL.

I humbly request other partners to support a change into this so called "AUTOMATIC SYSTEM" looking at current market conditions.




Beach house at sesscapes.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Tito,

I agree with you this automatic system of reviews should be changed...

This year due to the Corona I don’t think we will have any reviews...

Hope BDC can change this automatic system for the benefit of guests and hosts.

Wish you well....and keep on posting...


The Studio Nea…

I agree completely. I also would request to review this "Automatic removal system of reviews after 2 years" to be changed!!

I have lost, because of this bad system, all my very good reviews for my accommodation. This eally, really hurts. I want all my great reviews being visible again at my listing!  Inge Borgart from "The Studio Near The Beach" in Cape Town, South - Africa.

M Adamopoulou

We definitely need more support from BDC...and maintaining our reviews for longer time it will certainly help us...but also our future guests...

Keep well...



Yeah I'm more of the mind set 2 years is way too long anyway.

Absolute Max I would set it as 13 months.


It can be more of a problem to keep older review , its just not worth it.