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Guest reviews

Dear all,

I have a question, I just took a property ( the previous owner decided to close the property) and the property was performing very well  and a lots of quests reviews with fantastic comments.

Booking cancelled all the guest reviews and the score from the extranet and now my visibility went down dramatically.

I called booking and the told me that this is a normal routine when a new owners takes over.

Could you please give me some news about this point? Is this a really routine? does Booking has the right to do this? 

Any comments are very much appreciated







Hi Lorenzo


Yes of course its normal, why would taking over a previous listed property entitle you to anything, as you will start at the bottom like everyone else.


In terms of boosting visibility, you can always enable the Extranet Visibility Booster for  select dates, at a cost of paying a higher % in commission.


On the other hand I too understand why you think the previous reviews should stay attached to the listing, its one to debate but for now nothing will change the current procedures and policies.


Kind Regards