Guest is unable to change reservation dates

Guest reservation is for some months in the future, They now want to extend the stay by one day, but tell me that booking.com says the day is not available. I have no bookings for that or subsequent days.

Booking.com support don't seem interested, I have had no response and the guest is getting agitated.

Any idea how to fix this?


Very simple to fix, you don't even need BDC to get involved.

Just let your guest know you have reserved the extra day at the premises for them, they'll just need topay the difference (by what ever means you have chosen).

This applies to any requests of extra days and moving dates with same or greater length/value of stay as original, where it has not been possible via BDC.

There is also a feature in BDC where you can adjust the stay dates but I have never tried it so am not familiar with the process.

Keith Oborn

Yes, thanks, that was the backstop, but it does create some problems if used routinely by many owners.

Our property is in France, and booking.com is required to submit accurate revenue statements to the French tax authorities, and also is required to collect tourist tax and remit that to the local authority.

If people go "under the wire" there is a possibility that questions will be asked: France at least is becoming VERY tight about this sort of thing.

The facility for an owner to adjust dates is only available once the guest has checked in - not sure why!

I do find booking.com very inflexible compared to the competition, who all permit this sort of thing freely. But they do generate business-.


Hi Keith:

Sometimes we have that kind of issues.Guests want to extend the stay, try to make engagement to guest and propose shorter stay, or try to catch him by proposing some choices.Propose other dates, the quality of service is about to pay attention to him and offer choices.When there is engagemet both parites can work together.