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Guest wants to cancel 1 night in peak period

Hi everybody


I have a dilemma whereby my guest has booked 6 nights in Peak period (over New Year) but now wants to cancel their last night (and have it refunded) due to a Wedding invite. I tried to help by asking the next guests staying after them if they would like to book that night, but unfortunately the offer was declined. Although I know I'm in the right as there is no cancellation on those nights, and I won't get a 1 night booking to make up the money I will lose if I refund it, but I'm worried they will leave a bad review if I don't cancel and refund. What shall I do?


Hi Sharlene


I fully understand the dilema however...

  • What is the rate type? non refundable or flexiable
  • What cancellation policy is shown under the reservation for the booking?


You will see under the last section of the reservation page for the booking just above the chat history window, a list of policies the guest accepted.


So the if in both cases it says no refund for Non refund rate or Guest can cancell up to x days prior to arrival and now . Then you are not under any pressure to allow cancelation. They knew the  terms when they booked.


I know, youre thinking you want to be nice about it, but at end of day thats what they signed up for.


I would simply say no sorry its a prepaid no refund booking for a reason , it being premium dates and no guarnatee of replacement booking.


I'm assuming you do not have Payments by and therefore no Risk Free option.

Therefore taking payments directly.


I would not worry about them leaving a bad rating or bad feedback comments as you can reply and clarify such things so anyone else reading it can see the truth. I have had to do similar myself. 


I had two bookings try to cancel previously who told me oh we will rebook for different dates then never did, I will not fall for that a third time. :)


Kind Regards



There is one thing I forgot about.... you could offer them 50% cashback on the day rate for that day as a gesture. So then at least you get something for it. Might be worth considering.

Sharlene Mavor

Hey thanks Barry for your reply. I think I will offer them a 50% refund on the day as you have suggested. I do have 'Payments by'. 

Now I will have to work out how to do that as on the guest booking page the only option is cancellation of the whole booking...???




Literally do it as cashback on the checkout day. That is how I would handle it.

or ask for their IBAN bank info and send it that way.