Guests are my friends...are they?

Hi Everyone, 

I have been thinking about this for a while since it is talked about quite often on this platform. 

But to make it short, my guests are not my friends. 

Because friends are people that I share personal information with.

This is not something guests are waiting for, thinking of my personal aches and pains, financial situation, relational problems. This is something specific for friends. 

Do I not trust my guests?  Yes, I do! 

But some personal details are simply kept to one-self. 

I read something about being guest-centered when it comes to being a great host. 

That is exactly what I mean. A professional approach.

Is it easy? No, it isn't if you are people orientated instead of goal orientated. 

Do I not like my guests if I don't share things about myself? 

I love my guests! No matter what. I am highly empathic. 

But I am learning to distinguish where to stop sharing personal things.  

Am I saying that it is not possible to become friends with guests? 

Some leave here by hugging both of us, me and my husband. Some leave without a note, without waving, just driving away, without looking. 

In a hotel, I don't hug the staff. But on a farmstay, or a cosy retreat, 

I think it is possible to become friends. If there is a click, trust and enjoyable healthy relationship than it is certainly something to allow to grow, but that is outside the circle of being a guest. The position of a friend is a different circle. 

But, honestly, it is such a fine line! 

What do you think? 




Aaltje B. 





Indeed, everyone is different, some will be a hugger and others OCD.


Of course it is also possible to develop repeat business due to new friendships with the same guest(s).



Aaltje B.

Thinking of a pre-disposition, like a requirement for being a professional host, vs sharing everything and anything. Then I think, careful, careful! 



Aaltje B. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Ella!!! thanks for sharing your thoughts...

We Greeks are so different from the rest of the world....everybody is our friend...

Greeks are hospitable, friendly, welcoming, have relatives and friends all over the World!!!

We live our lifes fueled with intense positive energy!!!

So, if a guest smiles he becomes our friend just like that...

Ella, life is too short for bad coffee...bad sex...and bad relationships...

Wish you well my dear friend!!!


Aaltje B.

Hi Maria,

Why would you be different in Greece? New Zealanders are highly rated for their hospitality skills too. 

We are not New Zealanders, but "to-the-ground" Dutchies. 

And do all the right things as hosts. 

The trick is to be professional, even if guests don't smile. 

Even if it is not convenient when guests arrive, to keep doing our duty. 

The core of my question was not how nice we are or not, more like what ties we develop with all our guests. They are clients, it is business after all. 

But a very nice one for sure ;) 


Have a great day, Maria. 

Many blessings. 


Aaltje B. 


M Adamopoulou

Dear Ella, believe it or not Greeks have a crazy way of looking at things and a different way of living... has nothing to do with hospitality...

Greeks live for the moment, there’s always tomorrow.

Have a nice day...