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Guests that argue

What do you do when your guests argue? Have you ever had that happen to you? 

The topic came to mind when writing about Ylang Ylang and making up for holiday fights, since holidaying with a big smile can be a bit of an art, isn't it. 

One time I had a very young couple come for the weekend. Their car didn't go far, it was parked around the corner all the time, and I wondered if everything was alright...

The curtains were open and they just sat there, very sad, each staring away in their own world. 

I felt for them, obviously, there was an issue and not something to celebrate. I truly wished I could help, but of course, that is not what I am for. ( though I love deep talks, this is simply not my business to interfere.)

In my big info folder, I do also have a page with telephone numbers, for medical help but also a helpline where there are professionals available to assist where needed. 

Things happen, and I wonder if a pair is coming to an explosive argument and you live next door, what would you do?  



Aaltje B. 


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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Thank you Info

I happen to live around the corner, so, yes I do sense if things are not completely right.

It does happen,

Did you have similar experiences Info?


Aaltje B.