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Guests background checks

My wife and I rent our downstairs rental suite, while we live full-time on the upper main floor.  Our house is in California, USA.


There is no separate downstairs entrance for guests, which allows them full access to our home when we are asleep or away for a few hours.  My wife and I need to be trusting of each new guest, and we have enjoyed being hosts since starting in June 2018.


However, Booking,com only provides me with the guest's name and telephone number when making an online reservation.  I do not know where each new guest lives or have their character reference from other hosts.


Therefore, I use a free background-check website that tells me the guest's home address and age.  After typing in the guest's phone number, the home address appears.


Then, I use Google Maps to show me a photo of the guest's home exterior.  If guests take nice care of their house exterior, then they likely will take good care of our rental guestrooms during their stay.




Other hosts might believe a guest background-check is intrusive to the guest's privacy.  But it is reassuring to me, when strangers are staying in my home.

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BrookAve 2 years ago

Yeah its a fine line depending on who you speak to which side of that fence they sit on.


I just tried that site and it appears they have geo blocking if outside USA.



Ultimately this comes back to a Guest Rating system on each and every OTA , giving the hosts a view of this rating and maybe some keywords to indicate if they have had any strikes against them.


The better way to do this universally would be a 3rd party service that all OTAs can API connect into so when Guest AB uses one or more OTA, their behavior carries to other OTA.

Its nearly similar to a credit check system.


Such a system will only ever come into existence if all the OTAs pool and fund it, as an independent 3rd party system.





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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Dear Don, 

I can understand your worries...I have some worries even though we have separate entrances in my property.

In your Policies you can   request guests to provide their address before reservation...

Have in mind that people make reservations for their friends..relatives...

We can never be sure but hope have guests that we can trust... 

Wish BDC have a guest check system as Barry would help a lot...