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Guests can become friends even in Covid-19 times

Hi Guys,


Due to  Covid-19 pandemic people do not travel as they used to.

This year we had many cancellations but since the borders reopened we finally had a reservation from a family in Netherlands.


We welcomed them with masks and gloves but with our warmest smile.


In no time we became friends and they invited us to join them in their daily trips to beautiful destinations in our region.


The family was amazing....and very joyful...we all had  wonderful and unforgettable times together.


Covid-19 should not stop us  get together and have good time with our friends and family....

Yes, guests can become friends even in Covid-19 times.


Stay safe....stay healthy but live not in fear....

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Barry....

For sharing your experience in this difficult field...

Have a nice weekend!!!

Villa Fonte Ta…

Thank you for sharing. 

Something similar occured to me in a few occasions this summer, for example ending up having dinner together with gests in the garden, respecting distances and having quality time with wonderful people.

Wheras I emphasize the individual responsibility more than ever in this period, I totally concur with the "no fear" approach, particularly in structure with big open air areas.


Sergei - Commu…

Hello Villa Fonte Tartaruga! That's amazing! Please feel free to share your story with other fellow partners by starting a new conversation. It is important to share a good experience with others. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Villa Fonte Tartarus!

How wonderful that you had also a great experience with your guests.

Summertime is certainly a great time to enjoy having dinner with guests in open areas.

Enjoy life with safety with or without Covid-19...


Sergei - Commu…

Hey M Adamopoulou! I changed the title of your post a bit to make it more clear what your story is about. Please let me know if you want me to change it back.