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Guest's choosing arrival time earlier than allowed

I have a check-in time set up on my account - from 4pm. But often, when guests book they select an arrival time several hours earlier. I'm not sure why allows them to select a time before the check-in time? I then have to send messages explaining why it isn't possible, and sometimes guests are disappointed, as if I'm taking away something that has already offered them.

Is there a way to adjust my account so that guests can only select an arrival time after my (already set) check-in time? 

Isle of Wight …

You can't stop them choosing any arrival time they want, but you can say no .....

Use the automated message templates - there is one for check-in times, although we have to manually say no early check-ins if they choose earlier than our standard check-ins

Make it clear in your blurb that check-in time is strict - we say no early check-ins under any circumstances - even if it rains, no early check-ins

And half of them still arrive early ......

We also control check-ins by only sending the key safe code by text message at check-in time - we make that clear in all our communications too - yet some still phone up asking what the code is - we don't tell them .....


Ben Seel

Thanks Isle of Wight. 

It is a shame that allows guests to choose an arrival time several hours before check-in. Not a recipe for happy customers!

Isle of Wight …

The biggest problem we find is that although we send messages to guests, they don't read them. Many say they didn't know they had an inbox, or they didn't know they were supposed to check their inbox. BDC sends them a message saying to get in touch with the host - what BDC needs to tell them is to check their inbox for information. BDC used to change "The Fine Print" (at our request) to tell guests to check their inbox - now, BDC refuse to do that, so the problem is worse now .....