Guests with dietary requirements

Recently had a guest who did not inform me that he was a diabetic until he sat down for breakfast.

i had nothing that he could eat or drink.

HIS wife tucked into fruit cereal etc and he had one slice of dry toast.

I checked with a phone call to my doctor for advice who said it would be too risky to second guess what he can and can’t eat.

anyone else had this problem?


The closest we have had is, in the same know nothing until breakfast time way, the declaration that they are vegans. Our policies clearly state we serve American or English fried breakfast.

For that first breakfast time we have to explain, in a polite way, that it's tough luck, special dietary needs require requests in advance. The thing that really perplexes me is that the majority of vegans I have encountered have also been extremely fussy about what veg. they will eat.

I'm sure large hotels with full-on restaurants can cover this with some ease but for a smaller concern like us it can be very awkward.

Sara Jarvis

Fluff that was naughty they should have told you....that’s why I only offer cereal and toast now it’s too expensive otherwise

i was worried about causing an illness with the diabetic

Now I have a 4 day kosher breakfast guynbooked that I need to google

Even hotel buffets don’t go to these lengths

dietry requirements should have a very clear box to help us all, I bought orange juice that could have seriously been wrong for my diabetic.

and people now want soya and almond milk that us small businesses can not carry.I used to put wine or beer as a gift people have started leaving them untouched.


It's so nice of you, Sara, to take care of the diabetic guest.

From my understanding, if the person knows he is diabetic, he should inform property (airline, restaurants) in advance about this.

As for vegetarian breakfast, the best person to consult is Joey.

For diabetic guest you can't go wrong with cereal.

M Adamopoulou

Sara of course they should have told you. People with diabetes must be cautious about what they eat and drink and they are responsible for informing others.

Katerinka12 I have a vegetarinan question but where is Joey???


I am really surprised that people easily can compromise their own health and well-being being. Writing a simple note to the property saying that you are allergic or diabetic will make Your life easier, not someone else's life.

What amazes me even more, they don't mind to take 18 hours flight, come to stranger country and not even making sure that someone will meet them and there will be actually a bed. I am referring to cash bookings that do not guarantee to the guest the roof above his head. And never mind the typhoon or the snow... Isn't it much more important than writing bad reviews for strangers?

My properties are kids friendly and it goes without saying in our country. However, right after the booking I received a note from Airbnb guest thanking me that I am kid friendly. That note was much more pleasant than receiving hundreds of good reviews.

So, what was his advantage? He made sure that his grandkids will be taken good care, there will be no misunderstanding when they arrive. I thought he was doing that because he is old and he is a doctor.

The funny thing that age, "CEO" (there are so many of them on Booking) do not have direct connection for notifying the property about "special conditions".

Except for one thing - money. I have noticed that guests who stay with us more than 10 days, do always write to us.

M Adamopoulou

Good for him bus his missing some amazing stories for pets, support team, rude guests, breakfast and last but not least what effects sex has on location!!!!


On our welcome message there is a description of our breakfast and on arrival I check for allergies etc...after that its the guest's responsibility. We bake fresh bread every morning, use eggs from our farm and home cooked jams and marmalade. Occasionally we get a partner that has particular preferences which we can sometimes accommodate with a bowl of porridge made with water and floured with fruit and ginger.

M Adamopoulou

Fresh baked bread I can almost smell it. Bread and fresh eggs more than enough for a nutritious breakfast...


There is a section on Booking.com that gives accommodation providers the option of telling guest the kind of breakfast they offer.special diets can often be expensive for the provider but what gets me is when a guest books a room on price then decides to start making demands on special diets.Recently I told a demanding guest that they had reserved a room solely on price and that they need to fact check first the kind of place they need to be at but unfortunately that was not mine on the price she wanted to pay and her demands afterwards