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guests with dogs

we have a B&B and we allow our guests to bring a dog, but only after consultation. We have a few rules, such as a dog should be clean, well behaved and not in heat... If we know they bring a dog we will be prepared and might make a bit more space or remove things from the room. The last 2 guests checked in and to our surprise they brought their dogs without any consultation. I love dogs but I would like to know in advance if they plan to bring 1 or even 2 dogs. So sadly we have changed our information to no pets allowed. Apparently they don't read houserules :-( And why don't read guests the message you send them? we also ask if they want a single of double bed, what they would like for breakfast so we won't put things on the table that they won't eat and we will have to throw it away (I don't like spillage). At first we thought that the messages did not arrive but one guest replied so we can assume that the messages do arrive. Is there something we can do so people will be aware of the houserules and reply to our message? We were thinking about charging for a dog (it used to be free), perhaps that will make them notice? Kind regards Nolly & Ronald B&B Four Seasons the Netherlands  

Don Burns

The problem with allowing guests to bring their dogs is: Your next guests might have severe allergies to leftover pet fur.  Unless, the guests' dogs are kept outside for the entire stay.


I think the reason guests do not read house rules is because our rental property listing is mixed online with nearby hotels.  People sometimes don't fully realize they will be staying in someone's private home and not in an impersonal 100-room hotel building.


I noticed your rental property is in The Netherlands.  Perhaps, not all your international guests can read your messages written in Dutch or English?


Or, you could offer a small souvenir prize to your guests, if they can answer a trivia question about your Dutch town you included in your message.  If they reply with the trivia answer, then you will know they read your message.


P.S.:  Your Four Seasons rental property looks very nice and clean!


thank you, we find it very important that everything is clean and fresh. I have been cleaning for some time to get rid of all the dog hairs. Luckely we don't have fitted carpet. I am a dog groomer by profession, and working with hair I know how to deep clean everything. Hair is therfore not the problem. But a dog in heat? or dirty? or a dog that howls or uses a chair as his chewing bone? we have a few simple but necessary rules. People turning up with their dogs as a surprise is no surprise but a bit of a shock.

A small gift prize, have to think about that. Have you used that trick? what was the prize? ;-) PS you have a lovely place out there in the mountains. We are surrounded by colorfull tulip fields in spring.  

Don Burns

I suggest asking your nearest Julianadorp souvenir store to give you and your guests shopping discounts.


For example, you could give your trivia-winning guests an inexpensive tourist spoon, coffee mug, key-chain fob, tea towel, small plate, etc. with Julianadorp printed on it.


We give our guests a free plastic writing-pen, postcard and 25-page notepad that have our property name, city, contact telephone number and website address.




thank you for your idea Although we are a tourist-village there is only one shop that I can think of that sells these kind of items. we will take a look at what products they might sell. Thank you. kind regards Nolly & Ronald B&B Four Seasons Julianadorp (NL)


Isle of Wight …

One of the problems you mentioned is guests not reading information. We had very lengthy discussions with about this and have a partial solution that helps a bit .....


When a guest has booked, they get the Booking Confirmation which they can print. If you go to Property > View Your Descriptions and scroll down to The Fine Print, this appears on the Booking Confirmation. You can add your own text by clicking "Can't find what you're looking for?". Your own text can say things like "Please contact the host if you wish to bring a dog. Please check your inbox for more information". And you can also have a template set up as an automatic message which is sent as soon as a guest makes a booking.


Of course, changing The Fine Print only works if the staff that review it are not idiots. If they refuse to allow it, request it again ... and again ... and again ... eventually one of them will allow it. It can take several days for any change request to be reviewed and approved or denied.


At a guess, I would say about half our guests read this information shortly after booking. Some still arrive having never read it ....


If only would do the sensible thing and be more like the other OTAs .....