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guests identify

How can guests identify themselves when they enter the apartment using the key box? I live in Germany and my apartment is in Croatia. Data protection???


Tilija Sevelj-… 1 year ago

So far someone has handed over the key and photographed documents and sent them to me. Now I have the possibility that the guests come alone in the apartment (key box). How do you do that in that case?

Profile picture for user Account Advisor Shirley a
Account Adviso… 1 year ago

Hi Tilija Sevelj-Kamprad,


It may be worth requesting guests to send through photo identification and supporting documents before they arrive to your property. You can set up an automatic message through your Extranet to request this from guests at time of booking or a few days before check in. We find this has worked for other properties that are remotely managed - it can also help for security purposes.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.