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Guests systematically arriving with more people than booked

This is for all properties that have a rate plan with different prices for the same room / apartment based upon the number of persons staying.  Take for instance a room / apartment with maximum 6 persons with a base rate from 3 persons and an extra set charge for a 4th person, 5th person and for a 6th person.  On this room / apartment will show each rate plan for 3 persons, 4 persons and 5 persons and 6 persons.

Now take a guest who has two adults and 4 children aged 14, 12, 8, and 6.  They wish to book a family room / apartment. will show their "RECOMMENDED" room / apartment for 6 persons.  However, a clever guest sees that they can book the apartment for 3 persons at the rate for 3 persons (much better than the rate for 6 persons!). 

The guest then arrives at the accommodate with 6 persons.  When the accommodation provider says that the reservation is for 3 persons (not 6), the guest can honestly say that they put in 2 adults and 4 children and were able to book this apartment.  This, in effect is absolutely true! 

OK, what then does the accommodation provider have for a defense?  In the Children and Extra Beds section when making the reservation, there is a LINK which you would have to click.  This brings a popup outlining the policies and saying here that a guest should ensure that the number of persons input in the reservation matches the actual number of guests (including children and their ages).  A guest who is trying to cheat you will have the valid argument that this is not transparent, is hidden in a link (who checks links anyway), and that they DID put in 2 adults and 4 children and their ages AND were able to book the room / apartment that can accommodate 6 persons.

This puts accommodation providers at a distinctly disadvantaged position.  Firstly, the room / apartment will be made up for the number of persons in the reservation in advance.  This causes extra work upon arrival making extra beds.  Secondly, by confronting the guests upon check-in that THEY did something incorrect and will be charged more, is neither welcoming nor makes the guests feel at ease, which should be priorities upon arrival.  

For guests that know this and are dishonest and are using this loophole in the system, it is a very easy way to save money.  For accommodations that have self-check in systems, it is an even better way to save money.  Simply book for the least amount of persons and come with the maximum.  No one will know until the cleaning staff comes and sees all beds are used! CAN and SHOULD do better in this regard.  Our accommodation uses a booking engine by SITEMINDER and this booking engine has a simple system in its programming that drastically reduces the number of bookings where people are arriving with more guests than booked.  The way it works is as follows:

A guest inputs that they are 6 persons (2 Adults and 4 children with their ages).  The available rooms / apartments are then shown.  If a guest books a room / rate plan that is for less than 6 persons, a pop-up is displayed stating "Your current selection cannot accommodate all of your guests".  At this point the guest would either have to change to the proper rate for 6 persons or choose an alternate / additional room/apartment to cover the number of persons given.

With such a system, if a guest wishes to "cheat" by booking for less people and showing up with more, then the accommodation provider has a CLEAR and VIABLE argument that it is the GUEST who has made the error as there is a TRANSPARENT SYSTEM set up to PREVENT guests from doing just that. 

Another solution would be that if 6 persons are entered by a guest when booking at, the room / apartment with the rate plans should ONLY show the rate plan associated for 6 persons.  Again, this would make it CLEAR and also give the accommodation provider a VIABLE argument for extra charges if guests arrive with more people than booked.

The current system of showing a "RECOMMENDED" rate plan, but the possibility to actually book the room / apartment at cheaper rates for less persons is not correct and needs to be fixed. 

If cannot fix this issue, another option would be for accommodations to STOP using rate plans and only charge one rate for the room / apartment, regardless of whether LESS than the maximum are staying.  If allows for accommodations to provide rate plans, it should also integrate proper booking procedures to PROTECT the hosts and to make it more difficult for this systematic type of CHEATING to continue.


Ula 2 years ago

Fantastic!  Thank you for taking my post seriously and for immediately making the changes necessary.  What you have changed is now SOOO much better!  Keep up the great work!

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MNEgro 2 years ago

And what exactly did they do? Can you explain please... :)

Ula 2 years ago

I have today further checked different scenarios based upon the issue I had mentioned above. I was very delighted to see that a fix had been implemented so quickly. While it seems that the fix that was implemented works well when the number of persons inputted are all adults, for some reason it is not working when there are adults + children. Take for example: I input 6 adults. We have our 2 bedroom apartment with base rate for 4 persons with scaling rates for the 5th and 6th person. Our apartment is available for the dates given and shows up with rates for 4, 5 and 6. If I try to choose the apartment for 4 persons or 5 persons at the corresponding rates for 4 or 5 persons, I get a popup on the right saying that "your whole family will not fit in your selection." If I then force the issue and hit "reserve", on the next booking page on the left it shows in red writing, "You still need to fit 2 more adults". This is a perfect double check and great solution.  Furthermore, if I wish to select 2 different apartments to accommodate the 6 persons, yet put in one apartment for 2 persons and another apartment for only 3 persons, the popup appears on the original page and on the next booking page the red writing also appears. NOW if I put instead 4 adults and 2 children (aged 12, 12), then the same 2 bedroom apartment will show up with rates for 4 persons, 5 persons and 6 persons. However, unlike when there are all adults, if I select the apartment for 4 or 5 persons, it allows this without any popup alerting that the selection does not match the number of people. Likewise when I hit reserve (for 4 or 5 persons), on the next booking page there is also no writing in red script on the left doubly stating that there are more people that need to be fit in. The same holds true for multiple room bookings. I can essentially put in a family of 6 and book two smaller apartments for 2 persons each, one apartment for 3 and another for 2, etc. I have written an email to customer service ( with multiple screenshots showing what I have said above.

Hoping this can likewise be fixed quickly.  

Geoffrey Cousin 2 years ago

Hi, A guest booked for 2 people. I asked him and he said their are 6.

How can I change the number of guest for the reservation ?

(On airbnb I can do it easily) but I cannot see it on booking? As a host I can only change the dates ????


So what should i do  ???????


Thanks for your help

Salvatore Chiodo 1 year ago

Just happend to us guests show up with extra  2 people.. and only paid for 2 . 4 adults

Even though the booking shows 2 Guests they insist that they but 2 adults and 2 childeren .. they have already paid the fees so bit hard to now loose our good reputation and not accept the extra childeren.. cos of this now we have to be blunt and ask all future guest to confirm how many guest are comping and any extra guests will not be allowed in...

Aneta Flores Martin 3 months ago

This is still happening, it happened 3 times this year already. The latest reserved for 4 adults and 7 appeared. I doubt can prevent this happening by enhancing the system. No system can control the number of guests that turn up at your door. 

In order to avoid unpleasantness between the guest & the host, should warn guests after they select the "Price for No. Of guests" that if they understate the number of guests including children they will be subject to a fine and have to pay the difference in price.