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Guests temperature reading high, what do you do if a guest arrives with a high temperature at the residence

what should the host do if the guest/s arrive with a high temperature.

What is the temperature reading that the host should be concerned about - should the guest then not be allowed in, 





You should consult local doctor/ E.R. services.

also you have not even mentioned the temp shown, what was it?




Isle of Wight …

If you are reading temperatures, then you must be getting close to the guest, which means you are at greater risk of catching the virus. And if you are reading temperatures of all guests, you are getting close to others, and if you have caught the virus from this guest, you will be passing it on to the others. You might not even have symptoms yourself.

Best is tell guests to take extra precautions before their holiday and not to travel if they have symptoms. Also tell them to maintain social distancing, hand washing etc while on holiday. If they have symptoms, seek medical advice and get a test. In the UK, (when we are allowed to take guests again), any guest who is positive must travel home by private car. Don't get close to guests, don't take their temperatures.