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Hacked account

Hello everyone!  Since I didn’t get a feedback from support I'd like to try to ask you.  In last two month I had a problem with incorrect information in my listing which appears  without my  effort, but it happen to me again and again (even when I have changed the password). I am 100% sure its out of my hand, since I am host for almost 4 years and it never happened to me in past.  Does any of you have similar experience? Thanks a lot for your response! Jana  




Hi Jana,


Can you give explicit examples please.



By the way you were NOT hacked, that never happened. Its a misunderstanding .


What actually happened was the backend at times gets feature changes that reset facilities & services and even room details on occassion.


I have seen this first hand. Until you give specific examples there not much anyone can do.


Kind Regards

Merry Xmas


PS: finish your profile with your VIEW MY LISTING link so we can see it please. see guide below.






Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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