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Happy 2021 New Year

Hi all,

Greetings again from Myanmar ! I wish you a happy 2021 new year.

Since the past year 2020 is gone, we hope to be a better future for our Tourism Industry. Due to corona virus, we have issued credit voucher for guests for those who request a refund for their 2020 bookings and gave them one year credit to stay back in our hotel. But there is no way to release travel restrictions according to recent situation. Some guests can not travel also in 2021 and request for voucher extension until 2022.

How do you think of when can Tourism industry be better?

With best wishes,


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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Myat,

Thanks for your wishes for the coming year...


Stay healthy...stay safe...we have to learn to live with this virus...


People cannot Stay still...They will start traveling very soon...


Think positive, better days are ahead...


Wish you all the best.