Health Passport for Summer 2020

Hello guys,

Greece considers “Health Passport for Summer 2020” for visitors that want to have holidays in Greece.

Maybe this Passport along with some other measures will allow us hosts to enjoy having our guests...even if we have to keep safe distance from them...

Keep smiling!!!


M Adamopoulou

Yes Lucy...

This will take some pain off our back...

”Brussels’ aim is to provide a credible test for every individual who wishes to go on summer holidays anywhere in Europe.

This test will have to be conducted by the member-state of origin of the traveler, before he or she boards an airplane or any other means of transport.”

Emirates Airlines are conducting rapid tests...

“In a move that could be a step toward making air travel palatable to the public again, Emirates Airline has begun conducing rapid-on site COVID-19 for passengers.

The testing began with passengers on a flight from Dubai to Tunisia on Wednesday. The analysis is a blood test with results within 10 minutes. The airline says it is the first to roll out rapid testing.”



Hey M Adamopoulou! Thanks for raising an interesting question! I'm going to feature your post.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Sergei!!!

In these difficult times we should stick together to help each other...

Wish everyone health and happiness!!!


Hi everyone, this is not easy topic...  We are more and more learning that the issue with CV not only a health issue . there are a lot of  interviews and proofs from scientists, doctors and respectful leaders  that it is more likely an economical issue .  If that true, than health passport will requier a mandatory vaccination which everyone is afraid off.  anything mandatory = dictatorship. CV is real and a lot of people suffer from it, but how it handles is very odd. CV was patent in 2006 check # US2006257852 and vac got European patent  in November 2019 # 8P3172319B1  ...I would not support anything that mandatory and the health passport is one step toward that. 

There are already developed and installed termo cameras in the airports. If traveler has slightly higher temperature he will not get on the plain.  this termo cameras able to scan 3000 people at once. That should be good enough  for now... 

M Adamopoulou

Dear Marita,

This virus is not easy to deal with...I agree with you...I also do not like vaccines....

I understand your point but it has been reported that there are more symptoms of the infected, which means a fever is not always a present symptom despite them having pneumonia.

Wish you well.



It is a difficult subject but there needs to be some way of knowing that your guests are not spreading covid around you and  your staff and other guests.  Fever is definitely not a good way to identify whether someone does or does not have an infection. I live in New Zealand and being an island we have a lot better control over people entering the country.  This is likely to be in place for a long time and also likely to require some sort of vaccine before it is relaxed.  Currently all people entering the country are required by go into 14 isolation is hotels paid for by the government.  These are only returning residents or citizens so all willing to do this to protect the population.  Obviously this massively affects our hotels and general economy but all willing to do this and a tight lockdown as starting to head towards elimination.

M Adamopoulou


Hi Sharon,

You certainly have a better control leaving in an island...

In Greece we have exactly the same regulations when entering the country by air...sea...only people returning to their homes from abroad are allowed and of course everybody stays in quarantine for 14 days in hotels that are paid by our government.

The “Health Passport “ can  provide a safe entrance methodology to the visitors entering and exiting the country...

We must keep the summer spirit alive......stay safe....healthy...happy...


Hi all. Yes, this thing has changed life as we know it in so many ways......just want to wish you all the best and please stay safe. I pray that all of us make it through this and survive the economical problem as well. xxx love you all and God bless 

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Moira,

Long time no hear...so happy that you are well..

Please share some of your fantastic photos of your amazing country!!!

Many thanks for your kind wishes and please take care!!!



M Adamopoulou

Our Tourism Minister announced yesterday that Health Passport is not necessary when entering Greece.

“Tourists will be allowed to enter Greece without taking a coronavirus test or remaining in quarantine when international flights restart on July 1.”

People will finally  start to travel again...

Wish everybody a joyful Summer!!!



Our Tourism Minister announced yesterday that Health Passport is not necessary when entering Greece.

“Tourists will be allowed to enter Greece without taking a coronavirus test or remaining in quarantine when international flights restart on July 1.”


what the hell? he should be sacked for having such a cavalier attitude. 

By any chance is he related to Donnie Trump, Boris Johnson, lol



M Adamopoulou

Very difficult situation...

We have to stay safe but if tourists start coming into the country without having tests, is that possible???

Safety should be our major concern...

Marko Harrison

I guess safety should be the major concern for every government..  And I belive it is.