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Heartbroken Guy or The Real Reason for Bad Review

So, he wrote me this:

Next day security guards reported to me that no visitor came...

After few days we got a bad review, that everything was bad... Starting from shower, cleanliness to the staff and, of course, location ??

Aaltje B.

Hi Katerinka,

What happened? Strange story, this.

Blaming you, whilst he himself was the source of the problem. Correct?

Oh dear!


Please, read between the lines ?
It's not strange story. It's common and popular story ?

Shikwari Game …

It has also happened to us but as has a NO SHOW option you do this as soon as you know they are not going to arrive. Note it is best to see you have the payment for a no show and that the credit card is not fake. Then if you do get this sort of review you can request that it be taken down. It is often that someone is in the same industry and is jealous of your sucess. A horrible thought but true!