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Hi, I am Oscar from Aruba, I have started to receive reservations with booking and I thought it was very good but so far of the 5 reservations no one has submitted, I think they use the page to make a false reservation to be able to enter the island of Aruba without problem , that has happened to me with reservations from South America, what happens I am a superhost for a year on airbnb and I have never had any cancellation all perfect, but what is happening that when the calendars are synchronized I stop receiving real airbnb customers , I hope some message or I do not know if to cancel the departments that I have in booking, I hope your help thank


Hi Oscar,

Please reach out to BDC support via phone.



You will find your local contact us options via:

  • Go to your BDC portal dashboard, click Inbox, then messaging.
  • On right pane, click Contact Us to expand it down to reveal the phone number and email option.
  • Ring the phone number, and wait to speak to an advisor, yes you likely will need to queue for a significant amount of time. But do not hang up until you get to someone.