help need concerning links to google

Hello All,

if somebody googles our property (Landhaus Altwarp zu Amelrode), the Google result show on the right general information and a button to click on the website. If somebody does, a non-active page on booking.com will be openend. It looks like, there is already an google account for our property active, but we don't acces to it.

At the moment we are developping an own website, which we want to link with google-business. The problem is, we can't use the google-account, mentionned in the first phrase of this message. 

Does somebody know, if booking.com automatically links our property site on booking.com to a google-account, which has been created by booking.com for us?


Hope somebody can support in this matter.

Regards, Maarten





Hi Maarten,


Simply put, that is not a thing.


The booking.com website is simply google friendly, google spider crawler.


You deal directly with google to create your own page and seize ownership etc.


Has nothing to do with BdC at all and nothing to hand over



Kind Regards,



Maarten Binnendijk

Tnx for your prompt support. Guess have to find out ,

who started this ‚spontenous‘ action under the name of google...


no Maaarten , thats not a thing either, there is no conspiracy, there is no person who did it.


It just is how google search engine works, its automatic over time.