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Hello everyone, I am new to booking.com. Recently, there was a guy who showed up at my address and said he wants to book a room at my place. He asked me for a discount since he is not registering through booking.com. He found my address from booking.com

I was surprised and worried if people keep coming like this on my door. Is there any way to hide the address and only show the approximate region to the guest without reservation?

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Hi Yawar Abbas


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Yes this is already known. No response from BdC on it as of yet


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 Please reply to this topic I already started for this .


The more partners who speak up will help bring it to the attention of the community team to feedback to management.


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I'm not sure what the problem is. Most people who provide accommodation are only too happy to have their addresses available. In fact we have an advertising budget as well as entries in phone books. You always get people who demand a discount whether or not they use Booking.com. If they have a Booking.com reservation they can always say, "Give us a discount or we'll give you a lousy review!" Our answer is simple. If someone is rude then they can go elsewhere.