Host wants to cancel a booking

If a guest has made a booking but it clashes with other guests already staying in the apartment, what can be done by the host?



double / overbooking


Caused by not having calendar set correctly 

or trying to have more than one OTA listing the same property.


You cannot live sync BdC calendar, thats not a thing.


The only 99% way t odo it is to use a channel manager 3rd party service, where it pulls fro mall OTA and you use its calendar as golden copy.


or not sleep , and when a new booking comes in manually block  it on the other OTA(s).


How to cancel the over booking.


  1. Open Reservation from 2nd guest
  2. Message guest intent to cancel "Dear Guest, unfortunately you have managed to select dates that are already booked fully, as such I must cancel this booking. However fell free to enquire about other possible dates and I would be happy to confirm availability. For now you will receive notification of cancellation with an action to perform to finalise it. Please do so as soon as possible. Any prepaid payment will then be processed and fully refunded to you by Booking.com"  
  3. Now on right pane , click Request Cancellation  
  4. Choose option 2  
  5. Now wait for guest to action the confirmation, and then the reservation will update to cancelled.



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