House not apartment

How can I change my property name from 'apartment' to house?


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I suspect that you cannot change the type of property as you have upcoming bookings - you will be able to change it once you have no more bookings.

Let us know if this is not the case.


Community Admin

Hello Fabiana da Silva Jaccoud! Thank you for posting in the Community! Please send a message with your request via your Extranet profile. You need to go to "Inbox" and then choose "Booking.com messages". Finally, click on the "Contact us" and choose "Compose a new message". Good luck!

Fabiana da Sil…

I appreciate the answers. So I have no reservations at the moment. I just inserted. I had 2 options during the compilation: - apartment for season or long term - house for season Then I went to the apartment option because I am interested in renting long term but did not have this alternative to "home". But now I see that many may mistake for an apartment in a building, which is not the case as it is a house in a condominium. That's why I would like to change.