How to add new room type

Hi there,

Can you advise how to add new room type into existing Booking.com account please?




Hi welcome


Some advise is :

1. Rename profile to the property name or short name reference, so it not a generic word or phrase.


2. In extranet, property menu, room section , here you can click +

To add new room type.


3. Link property url into your profile please as it helps us help you


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Revenue Team

Thank you for the advise. I did try property menu , room section didn't work. 


ah come on what do you mean didnt work?


Spell  it out  , how on earth is anyone going to help you if you dont make the effort, even post screen shots.


come on get off your backside and make an effort.


seriously some people what everything handed to them and done for them with zero effort. I expect the attitude from a kid.


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A no nonsense irishman


already asked and answered above in #2

"Does anybody know how to add a new room type to an existing property?"