how to attract guests amid the "pandemic"?

Does anyone have a valuable piece of advice or suggestion? :) Feel free you are more than welcome. 

Tancredi Leone

Is there an option to provide special offers/discounts to a specific person or people like friends or colleagues with a coupon or such? 

Is it possible to sync pricing as well as availability?  That would be enormously helpful especially in these times of crisis. 


Sync pricing? Elaborate please.



Pricing is set by 3 things,


Firstly the rate plan chosen, 

Secondly calendar list view with restriction options.


Thirdly using promotions and or visibility booster




Tancredi Leone

ok so according to booking.com it is not possible to offer discounts to specific people which is a bummer and complete lack of flexibility on their end.  Other than that they suggested a channel manager to sync pricing as well let's see what are the options. 




Too much half truths here, and not enough context.


1. Channel Manager is primarily for only managing two or more OTA partnerships, including pulling booking info from each OTA /calendar. into its calendar , where the CM calendar is the gold copy and governs the OTA calendars.



2. Guest Discounts outside of promotions


Yes you can assuming you keep their contact info such as phone number (mobile number).

i.e. direct marketing, then resulting in must be directly booked with you. You then block out that date on OTa calendar.


Using BdC or another OTA does not stop you taking direct bookings. THis also means zero commission to pay.



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Tancredi Leone

I was merely quoting what booking.com replied to my private message I will never do it again since you seem to have all the "right" answers.  I assume you work for them?



Why do you keep making assumptions and misreading.


I clarified what a CM is and what it is not.


All you have do to is go look at one of their websites to learn for yourself, literally that simple.


You can clearly see when is BdC Communities Team and when it is not.  Note  The community Team is not BdC Support Team.


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Ps: Loose the attitude, what ever you thought I was saying should not have resulted in this tone of yours. You have misread my intent...


Be Safe, Be Well 

Tancredi Leone

no attitude on my end, but you seemed to blame me for "half-truths here, and not enough context." Which you should've been redirecting to booking.com since is their half-truths and not enough context then.  BTW wish I could be in Ireland again now given the current "situation" ;) 

Account Adviso…

Hi Tancredi Leone,


If you are listing with multiple online channels, it may be worth looking into connecting with a channel manager which can help sync your availability and rates.


There are certainly a few areas you could look into to help maximise your visibility and make your listing more attractive to bookers, particularly during this period.


Be flexible with cancellation

It’s important to be flexible, especially in the current climate, and offer a variety of cancellation policies


For instance, one third of all cancellations occur within 24 hours of the initial booking. Allowing these kind of cancellations without any fuss will provide a good guest experience. So, customers will be more likely to book your property the next time they’re looking to stay in your area.


Add discounted rates

To generate more business on low-demand dates, you could add special promotions that encourage guests to book your place. Everyone loves a good deal. Whilst we aren't able to target friends and families, you could look at other targeted rates such as Mobile Rates.


Target frequent bookers

If you’re eligible to join the Genius programme, it offers you exclusive visibility to our most frequent bookers.


What’s the advantage? On average, Genius properties tend to see a 7% increase in bookings. We have over 20 million Genius bookers, and they tend to cancel less, book longer stays and spend more per night than your average guest.


All you have to do is offer this group a discount on your cheapest/most popular room.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.