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How to attract more guests



is there any practices to draw more guests to your property?



Isle of Wight …

Your own website - and where you say "book now", that can link through to your listing

Social media - post often, build an audience, link through to your listing, people will book

Join with other hosts locally to market all properties in the area

Do what we did before the internet was invented - traditional advertising

Isle of Wight …

Adding a property on or AirBnB etc is "passive advertising" .... you're sitting back and waiting for people to find you .... get out there, advertise in the real world, show people that you are there .... people book holidays .... give them a reason to book a holiday with you rather than with someone else ....

Dr. Rob

Thank you very much for the input - I will consider it when I start working on the Marketing part of this endeavor

Don Burns

Other than depending on Booking,com, I use the following to promote my downstairs guestroom suite:

  • Personal website, with my property photos, description, and weblinks to five booking platforms (Airbnb, Booking,com, TripAdvisor, Expedia and FlipKey): ***
  • Printed rack cards (with my guestroom property photos, description, telephone number, e-mail address and website address) that are available in local gift stores and given to visiting tourists I meet.  I also give three rack cards to our departing guests, so they may share it with their friends, family and co-workers later.
  • Business cards, with my street address, telephone number, e-mail address, website address, and six photos of my guestrooms.
  • Listing my property and personal website on the city tourism office website.
  • Having a Facebook page that only promotes my property.


Two years ago, I purchased advertisements in five community newspapers, whose readers are 100 to 150 miles away.  But these newspaper ads did not attract any guests.




M Adamopoulou

Dear Don,

Dont you get confused by having your property in five platforms???

I have it only in and Airbnb and I am always worried about double bookings...

I love your idea of printed rack cards...I have seen them and they are beautiful....are you the artist???

Thanks for sharing your  promoting suggestions.


Don Burns

When I received notification of a new booking, I must IMMEDIATELY go to my computer and block those dates on the four other reservation platform websites.


That is why I frequently check my e-mails on my smart phone.  Even when I am notified of a new guest at 2 a.m., I must rush to my computer to block that date and prevent double-bookings.


I must bring my laptop computer with me on overnight trips and holidays, because of this.  I cannot block booking dates, using my smart phone.


Yes, I am a part-time graphic designer, which I design my own websites, rack cards and business cards.


Hey Don, I'm new to the site and recently started renting out my property . I use a lighter version of the site on the app called "pulse" by which you can block dates if at all. I have done most of my communication through the app only . Yes if course the extranet has its own features and advantages. As of the problem of double bookings you can sync calendars, for ex~ I have Airbnb & calendars in sync. So anyone books on either .. it reflects on the other calendar. But if YOU block the dates manually in one calendar it will not reflect on the other . You have to block it there too.

This is from my experience . 

M Adamopoulou

Hi, Don

Why you cannot block booking dates in your iphone??? Dont you have the apps???

I have heard that sometimes double bookings can happen is a very frustrating situation... I also immediately block dates when I receive a reservation but sometimes its not possible...I can be dancing...swimming....what happens then....

So you are a graphic designer....I was sure your were....

Thanks Don for sharing....

Dr. Rob

Confusion is less of a concern in my case - I have my brother (Kris) to look after it when I am with one of my patients. I am concerned however with the risk of negatively affecting the Booking algorithm (which by the way is a black box from what I have seen so far). From what I know the more night you have booked, the more this algorithm help you pop up in front of the eyes of guests. But again - no official acknowledgement of this exits anywhere.


Dr. Rob

Great input - thumbs up from me. I will use this, Thank you



Using BdC features you could:


For a quiet season relax strict requirements for Sunsay -Wednesday nights were no minimum nights set.


For peak weekends Thurs-Sat set minimum of 2nights with a 3 for 2 offer promotion. For peak season may- june, hike up the base rate , factor in the genius discounts, country discounts, mobile discount, and then offer a promotion on multiple nights minimum 3-4 full or secret members only deals. For non secret member only deals you could offer maybe book 4 min. upto 7 for 25% off etc


Loads of ways just need to balance it out.



Kind Regards



M Adamopoulou

Dear Barry,

Thanks for your suggestions. 

Loads of promotions....but which one best suits us??

I like the 4 - 7 nights for 25% for guests that want  a long stay...for secret members or non???

Do you think an early booker is a good promotion??? 

Thanks again for sharing your experience.


M Adamopoulou

Dear Kris,

All above promotion ideas are very nice and you can choose which one is the best one for you.

Since you are a dentist maybe Dons idea of printed rack cards suits you....




Dr. Rob

Yes - I will definitely implement the printed rack cards as well for the future