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How to best create listings per room size and options with optional folding single bed

Hi fellow partners, Been on here since Aug 21019, have learned alot over the last few months, adapted like a Borg King to every situation by creating a single welcome guide, attached to automsg on every reservation etc. I am now looking to maximaise further buy purchasing a folding  single bed. I got one from amazon UK with a extra Silent Night deep sleep topper. I then this week had a guest who brought his lovely mammy , elderly and asked about sleeping on the small couch in the room. I said sure I have a single folding bed lets try that...

He loved it so... now I am thinking the following: Should I treat my two rooms which can both accomodate the optional addition of the single folding bed as follows or is there a better option: 1.All existing bookings stay as is with the name 'Dbl room with shared bathroom' until they end, expire etc. 2. Rename the existing listing for this to ' Room101 Double with optional Single folding Bed', and reduce the count to 1. 3. Add new room for the second room as 'Room 102 Double Back Garden Facing with Optional Single folding bed and count set as 1.

I would need to by a second folding bed of course. One of my reasoning for do it this way is to treat the two rooms as different rooms as it offers option to be away from the front facing the main road. Maybe go back to my old naming scheme of Palm room and Orchard room. Maybe previous guests for repeat business might perfer the back room over the front room. I thought If I only have the one single folding bed, it might get complicated if the site only lets me state i have it but not which room can have it. i.e. I only buy one single folding bed and when both rooms booked, they all choose the etra single folding bed ,then it becomes an issue.  

For now I will turn on the Kids allowed from 7 to adult. Once I know I can get that 2nd single fiolding bed and if it makes sense to split the 'listing for two dbl rooms into being two rooms named differently, i will list.


One possible idea would be to do it as : 'Room101 Dbl bed with single folding bed for 3rd Person.'

'Room 102 Dbl bed with single folding bed for 3rd Person.

What was putting me off perviously doing this is the consideration we only have one shared bathroom for everything and everyone. So far it has been fine with a full house of 6 (includes me and another long term let.)


Curious to see what others think of these ideas. Kind Regards,


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pibomarco 2 years ago

Is the fold-up bed the size of 90x200? Is it a quality bed that is comfortable as a single bed for an adult? I've baught a fold-up bed (400€) and it is very comfortable and good quality.. 

What about if you set the base rate for two persons "double bed", and extra charge for a third person in a "single bed". 



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BrookAve 2 years ago


So now I got the second folding single bed [JAY-BE  from Amazon UK] delivered, the strategy is : I redefined the two rooms that are doubles with plenty of floor space for the folding single with alternative room setups. Setup 1 : Double Room for 2 people

Setup 2 : Double room with folding bed for 3 people I had a recent guest test out the single folding bed with a Silent Night Matress Topper. He said it was great, working out a treat, for his situation. The only reason I thought switching the two double rooms to be different names and different rooms is to give guests the feature to book a favourite or room location type i.e. front garden view  or back room garden view. 

Some times its the little things that can help :)

I also set the Extra Single Beds as a Per Night Fee of 20EUR. Does that seem too low ? For Kid to Adult. Not sure how I feel about having young kids under 10. Will Trial this for now.

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pibomarco 2 years ago

I think 20€ is a reasonable price (for a comfortable fold-up bed).  

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

I see this as no different to having a sofa bed. If we have a property with one double bedroom and one twin bedroom and a sofa bed, we advertise it as sleeping up to 6. It's the same price for the property, regardless of how many guests come. This keeps things simple.

There are numerous posts here and in the AirBnB community about problems with pricing per person - guests book for 2 people, then turn up with 4, but of course, they haven't paid the extra. This then causes problems, unhappy owners, unhappy guests. A price per property regardless of whether it's 2,4,6 or 8 people solves that.

I would say, get the extra fold up bed, or look at getting sofa beds, and stick with a price per property (room).

Nerisa Bryan 2 years ago

I agree. I tried the price per person in the beginning and it was a nightmare- chasing after extra guests that showed up and did not pay. Price per room keeps it simple indeed.