How to boost profile of a new property on Booking.com


I have two properties on Booking.com and have just bought another one. 

This new one has no ratings. Is there any way of getting it up and running faster? 



M Adamopoulou

Hi Mr. Gregor!

Your accommodation is beautiful and very cosy....I have dear friends living near you in Inverness....  

Maybe you could find a promotion that suits you in the Opportunities tab to boost your new property...

Guests are always searching for promotions and special  deals...


Wish you a great start 🌞



Dina El-Adl

You can do the first reservation by yourself . just invite your close friends or your close family members to your new place and ask them to rate your place honestly .

Побиванцев Сергей

Hi Sergei!!

I've problems with my ads, namely I've two ones old and new about same appartments. As a result there are confusions and misunderstanding often arise when booking.

I tried to delete one of them but no result.

Please HELP me to delete on ad!

Thanks in edvance.

If it's possible to call, my mob ***

 Sincerely, Sergei

M Adamopoulou

Dear Sergei,

Thanks for your tips... most of them work...

I prefer asking my guests face to face and also sending them a good bye message reminding them about the review....