How can ask to my guest to put a review

I just asked to a guest if he can post a review of my place. He told ok but asked me to send him the link. I don't see the link on my host website and he seems that can't find it. How can explain him how to do it?

Bandara Hotels…

Normally if guest booked thought Booking.com website directly, there will be automatic email send to guest to write review on Booking.com website.


This is unfortunately not helpful. 

It would be better if we could also send the link to review us. Some people are not really into technology to start checking emails and etc. Is there any way to get the link and send it to our guests ;

Thank you in advance. 

Boots and Saddles

We also send a follow up email to our guests and would like to include a link to review for our Booking.com guests. We have a link to TripAdvisor reviews, Google Reviews.  Please provide information on how to link to Booking.com review. 

Thomas Fernandes

Can wethe customer to review us.. Is there any way to get the link and send it to our guests ;

Sagar Warghade

My guest is asking me to share link where he can post the review. At times, guests might be missing out mails.

Denis Bernard

I as a traveler myself most of the time skip those emails from booking after traveling, but if I got a personal message from my host with a link I would do that on the spot. Booking please make host life’s easier and create a link to send to guest!