how can I hide the full address from my place?

Hi I'm new here , and I being trying to sorted out by myself but this website is not very logical in many ways ... somebody here knows how to hide part of my full address ? ... my extranet doesn't let me to do any change and now anybody can just come to ring directly to my door ... not privacy at all!?

Logis De Franc…



Don't you accommodate people at your place? well booking.com is there for the others to know where you're located ? But i don't think you can hide that. 

Alejandro Mont…

Hello logis! ..Accommodate people... well that's what we're all supposed to be doing here isn't ... I guess maybe I didn't explain myself well enough...

The point is, if you go to apartments on my area, you will never see the address information as clear from any other apartment as you can see mine. So what I want to know is how can I remove some information from my advert like door number and floor level like everyone does here ... non of you here have that full information from there are places like mine.... ?