How can I set preparation time?

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Do you know how can I define some time between reservations? I need 1 day to prepare the apartament from the check-out to the next check-in, and I couldn't find anything in the Help Center site.

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Chanuka Jayasekara

Hi Jaybeegee,

The suggested method does not cater the requirement. What you have suggested will perform "Guests may only check in on A date if they book at least X days in advance."

The requirement in the question is is for setting a Automated buffer blocking days between two bookings 


Yes you are correct @Chanuka Jayasekara  - would setting the preparation time flag to say 1 day not achieve the same result that you will not have back to back bookings?

Daniele de Lutzel

No, I'm sorry, I have the same question. Somebody can book a week in advance (which will cover the 'in advance booking) but their book date will start the day another client leaves. We can't be available 7/7 days at any hour to care for cleanliness in between reservations. At my place this takes 1,5-2 h!

Marius Visser

Hi Daniele,

I am looking for exactly the same, but until I find the solution (on Booking.com), I am manually blocking off days on my calendar. It is a headache, but it is a viable solution.

Let's hope they follow Airbnb's example - which was so easy to do. 


Yes you are right - the advanced booking trip setting will not do the trick! I guess the only work around is that whenever you get a booking to manually block off some time. 

Daniele de Lutzel

AirBnB gives you the possibility to easily set preparation time- maybe Booking should do a little bench mark?

Maui Sands

I was just searching for this and found that rentalbell.com has a preparation time feature that allows you to set this time with them and it will automatically block off the required days for all bookings for booking.com vrbo, airbnb etc.


No one wants to block prep time as sn actual day, that would be stupid.


The correct and only way is actually related to checkout time and check in time,...


Enforcing it!


So typically it would be 12noon at latest. That then gives you 2-4 hours.


So set earliest check in as 3pm


But option to drop in bags earlier, depending on the property type.


Being this flexible allows you to accommodate both out and in, and still have a 4 hour window to clean



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