How to change property address?

How to change property address?

Please help as the instructions dont match what I see.


Thanks in advance





You cant directly change it without going through BdC support .

Its not the same as fixing using the google map feature.


Phone or ring BdC directly.


I just checked :How to change or update your property address


as i suspected hte word and references are out of date with reality.


Step 2 is not visible until you :  

1.b: on right pane , under Get Instant Help ( lol instant should be removed), 'Cant find what you need - See COntact Options' click on it.


1.c. : Now for Topic  Set Property Details and Sub : Other 1.d : at bottom of this  "Non of these helping? Contact Us "   click on it.

now resume from step 3


  1. Include your new address and the reason for the change. Please also upload a copy of a utility bill as proof that your request is accurate. 
  2. Your request will be reviewed by our team and the change will be updated in the system. We’ll contact you within 2-5 days to let you know the change has been completed.

Remember: It’s important that we know about any address change as soon as possible. This will help us to avoid showing incorrect information on your property page and on guests’ booking confirmations.


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