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How to change room prices

Hi All

I joined early 2018 but I'm doing B&B at my home for the past 6 years, I have 6 rooms.

Question, how do I change the room price for..example..this week only, because when I do it - it changes for the entire  year lol  I need the blonde version please and literally step by step :) 



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Blonde version I like that very much.

In your Extranet tab go to Rates and Availabilities scroll down to Calendar, on your right hand top side click on your calendar settings and switch to monthly view. There you can select the dates you want, change your room rates and save.

Hope the blonde version works. If not maybe some other partner can help you better.

Good luck...

Hotelschiff Ni… 2 years ago

change of room rate


Hello! Thanks for info! I think there are restrictions; I am not able to change the rate. It is marked in grey. Any comments?

My best regards

not blond, but still... ;-)




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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hi Hotelschiff Nicko Vision , we hope you manage in the meanwhile! Anyway, if the price for the Not-Refundable is greyed out, it's because from the screenshot you did your Standard Rate is closed. From our understanding, they are linked, so you will need to open the Standard Rate, change the price for the Not Refundable and than save it. Let us know if it's working! 

Jaime Zondowicz 2 years ago


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